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25 mars 2010

How did Lady Lovelace talk?

I hung out with 50 geek girls last night. When going home I realized how different I had to speak in this company to make sense and to be interesting to these girls.

When speaking up for the first time I have to be careful not to sound to self-forsure or self-righteous. Starting in a cocky tone would make everyone anxious and unsecure. No one would have wanted to answer or continue the discussion. I also felt a huge relieve when talking, as I knew I didn't have to present any exact figures or pompous words to be trust worthy. All the girls hold my background and experience for what it is and guess that I have something interesting to share with them and that I will be interested in hearing them too.

If the group would have been mixed, or as mostly, dominated by men, I would have entered the discussion with a completely different strategy. Maybe I shouldn't, but according to previuos experiences of patronization, I would charge my mind with figures and numbers for 10 minutes before taking the first step, and also try to add that matter-of-fact tone that everyone else have - the exact same tone that is forbidden in a girls only context.

I'm not sure I want to be someone else. I feel the heavy argumenting method is time consuming and often just empty words, badly supported by anything else than someone who has disproportionate believes in himself, missing out on all the extra input he could get from the surrounding participants. It's also getting really frustrating for these participants not participating.

Today it is Lady Lovelace day! I seek actively for female role models and often get inspired by other women. They make me believe a little more in myself and in my way, but also they give and idea of how hard you will have to fight sometimes to do what you want. They guide me into new areas I didn't dare to go before. I've been working with female Role Models for the girls on Stardoll for a couple of years in hope to offer the same inspiration to them. Lady Lovelace is of course one of them.

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