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29 mars 2010

Thank you Amber Naslund for a great week

Woow, the knowledge of how to use social media is really a stressful matter for everyone involved. To those who stay out it is not stressful at all, and they survive. The question for those involved is probably in that matter-of-fact tone I've mentioned before - for how long they outside will survive.

My first week surfing the web with no other job to execute (apart from 3 kids) has been packed with posts on ’15 essential social media resources you may have missed’, ‘how to get market targeted followers ’ and ‘Social Media is Dead’. Some people have been twittering for a couple of years while to some it’s a new thing, but the buzz tells me everyone is anxious about it. To me who just arrived to the discussion it all seems a little silly. It’s not like the world doesn’t go on without Twitter. This kind of functionality will probably stay with us forever as it responds to our deepest needs of existance. It's strange to believe that it's a train on it's way to leave you behind. There is still a majority of non followers that will have to catch it too before it matters.

It only took a couple of hours to find a few fantastic news suppliers to follow. It’s almost as I’m proud to follow Amber Naslund (with that last name she obviously has some Swedish grand grandparents crossing the Atlantic about 100 years ago) who has given me access to everything interesting written on the web all week. She also gave me and lots of grateful commenting readers a great summary of the pressured business situation in an own post. Some of her thoughts helped me on my own approach to Twitter and my own new blog.

First reflections are - How do they have the time? Don’t they work? For whom do they put down all this time? Why didn’t I do this before?

Of course they work, either for their pr company creating show case of their pr skills or spreading the words on their partners’ missions. But many of them also work for themselves, for their own brand and future. They stay updated on news, the business, a network and potential job opportunities. They are employed fulltime, but put hours every day promoting themselves or keeping updated for their own purposes. This doesn’t work at all with my morals of work. And yet I deeply regret I didn’t do this myself. I understand now that this time put outside the work tasks of deliverance is considered a good thing by colleagues, even though it doesn’t generate anything of value to the user sales results. An updated and networking colleague is valuable and available to other companies. Such a colleague cannot be taken for granted and is interesting. This tops devoted overtime hours and full scale submissions.

So if I’m doing a short double check on half of Amber’s ‘Social Media Topics That Need to Die’ before they die it will go:
1. Why do I want many followers? What are the followers going to do for me? What am I going to do for them?
I want people to know about me and about what I can offer. I want to be interesting and not taken for granted to future colleagues. If my followers see a little of what I can do and that I exist I’ve succeeded, and in return I hope that I can offer them some considerable information, thoughts and inspiration.

2. What is the ROI (return of investment)(needs to be translated to my non social media friends)
I’ve been working my ass off for four years for a company and not for myself. I did gain huge knowledge, but no thank you for devoted hours. The ROI is of course to have promoted myself well enough to get the most interesting job engagments ever.

3. Being seen and/or heard is to exist. Being a part of the conversation, the team or a community is to not be excluded. To me this feels as the most essential feature of social media. Young people growing up with this possibility will never want to live without it. It's what man has been trying to reach for all times.

4. Amber writes: ‘Content is worth precisely ZERO until it’s being found, consumed, and then used to do something. It needs to drive people to action – sharing, buying, building, interacting.’ This is to me words to never forget. I’ll add ‘engagements’ in the end of the phrase to complete it for my purposes. I’ll also add that content for my own well should to be honest, direct, important, exiting and inspiring.

Great week fulltime online!

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