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30 apr. 2010

Be the cook for the best product

Products must be well developed. You can’t make them half good or a quarter good. Or at least you will not reach the giant success if you don’t bother about the details. You might reach far, but not all the possible way, that’s for sure.

Let’s say the frying pan was invented, but not yet the turner. Someone thinks that there is a true need for a turner when frying eggs and pancakes, but when developing it she doesn’t care about that there are minor defaults that makes the pancakes brake every time you turn them – even if the turner itself works almost as planned.
The first cooks who starts to use the turner are open for inventions and happy to have a new tool to improve their job, but soon some of them try to improve the tool. Also those who have heard so much good about the turner, get a little disappointed when it’s not quite that good as the rumor says.

Better turners are released on the market. Some cooks will stay with their old good turner as they were the first ones to find it, and as many friends still use it. Other and new cooks will buy the better one.

The thing is that it is not easy to understand the importance of those details if you’re not a cook. I mean, you did invent the turner, the minor defaults can't be that important, can they? I’d guess that the chances for making a fantastic turner for your pancakes are to either be a cook yourself, or to put all your trust someone who is.

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