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14 apr. 2010

Fun is Challenges

A most giving skype conversation with a very young friend the other day (translated from Swedish):

malin ströman: If your really think about it – what do you think is fun? When are you having fun?

Jens: I think about that every day, climbing is fun.

malin ströman: why?

Jens: I’d really like to build and develop things.

Jens: not having to wait on others.

Jens: I want to be able to do the changes myself.

malin ströman: then ’fun’ is ’freedom’?

Jens: when climbing I don’t think about anything but to manage the present situation. Then you challenge yourself in different levels.

malin ströman: Then challenges are fun.

Jens: Freedom is fun, but in the society of today it’s a huge cliché.

Jens: the question is more – what is fun for you?

malin ströman: well yes, there is no real actual freedom maybe.

malin ströman: right now I feel crazy free, but it’s on bought time

malin ströman: you must get money some way and when we work for someone else we are bought

Jens: selling your soul

malin ströman: and then the only freedom is to run your own business

malin ströman: but that can be such a heavy effort that you don’t have any freedom left to do anything else but work

malin ströman: so you let yourself be bought to keep your freedom when not working (that’s what the entire labour movement was about 100 years ago.)

malin ströman: if you then use all your sparetime to work, you’re not using the system the right way and you are the looser

Jens: my dad is happy when he is working, even Sundays and Saturdays.

malin ströman: but then you must be in the position to be the one to do it your way, you must have space for your own creativity within your work.

jens: didn’t you have a lunchdate?

malin ströman: jepp

Jens: you’re crazy networking =)

malin ströman: I try, feels like the most fun way to find my next project

And off I went to a lunch date who started talking about what fun really is, and then I knew - fun is challenges.

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