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2 apr. 2010

Thank you Tamsen McMahon for new expectations

I’ve been campaigning for ‘setting clear expectations’ for a couple of years now. If you know what the expectations are it is much easier to meet them. It is also easier to over perform and get cred for that. If you don’t meet the expectations it’s easy for the team manager to take that discussion and to either help the team member to improve or to degrade him/her to a position that corresponds to what she/he can deliver. I have seen expectations as the clear answer to fast processes and uninfected relations.

And then today Tamsen McMahon wrote such true words that I will have to add to my image of what expectations really do for me.

She writes ‘they’re really just little time bombs of judgment, ticking away, waiting to explode.’. This speaks to me, especially after the events in my life this month. And then she’s turning the entire idea of expectations all around:

You can’t “set” others expectations (though we try to all the time). People set their own expectations. Nor can you manage others’ expectations, even if they try to convince you that it’s somehow your responsibility to manage their thoughts.

The only person you can control? You.
The only expectations you can set? Yours.
The only expectations you can manage? Again, yours.’


‘We can only be responsible for our actions. Not the reactions of others.’

I guess there are two different levels of expectations as McMahon is talking about the expectations of the masses that only a fool try to live up to. What the masses expect of you is not important, it’s what you expect from yourself and how you try to meet those expectations that matters. This is the highest personal level of life. On another level, it is fair to know what your employer expects from you so that you get a sense of eather you perform well or if there is a chance that you will get fired tomorrow.

The mantra of expectations just made it's way into my personal area as well as my strategy of personnel. Thank you Tamsen McMahon for that.

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