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29 apr. 2010

We want to be needed

Times tend to auto-correct themselves. When political systems are imposed on us, slowly driving us in an unnatural direction, the people within the society always find their way back to what is meaningful and natural themselves.

When women are needed on the job market, and furthermore require their rights to earn their own money and thereby their own lives, child care centers are made available for everyone. As child care centers become the standard the grandparents don’t have any family tasks and can go to Mallorca all winter. The family is split as no one needs anyone any more. It all works fine for some time, but slowly the economics look different and the child care centers no longer can offer a good, family competitive care for the children. 20 crying under stimulated kids are stuck together with a couple of really tired underpaid socially unfitted smoking coffee drinking ladies (no standard, but doubtlessly existing).

So who can you need? Who is always there for you? Mothers must ask their retired parents for help with the babies to be able to work. Parents are needed again. All back to natural. People/Parents/employees/members get empowered by being needed.

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