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24 maj 2010

5 basics when selling the way Kajsa Lundfall does!

I listened to Kajsa Lundfall talking on the subject 'Why is it so hard to sell?’. She’s a start up CEO – that type that bring small new companies fast forward their first two years, to then leave them for another type of CEO to enter and add new skills to the next phase.

The five basic tips she had were made with face to face situations in mind, but I went home to erase my ‘Convert to paying members’ slide for the next day’s presentation and applied Kajsa’s true points of selling to digital media.

1. Be the right one for your customer!
You buy something from someone you like and not from someone you don’t like. Communications, looks and presented content must be the way the users want them to be. They must be impressed, attracted, maybe flattered, maybe safe or anonymous or visible or… you must know it. And thereby we are on to the next point.

2. Love your customers!
You must understand and know what they value, how they feel, react. It’s only possible if you love what they love. The offer can only be the optimal if you know what it is that is valued the most, it’s probably small details as make-up for your avatar, mini skirts or…. You must know this to for example have a clue of

• when and where to set locks and payment triggers – what is teasing and what is annoying.
• what seasons, trends and events will make difference to the user
• what extra gifts will matter
• what is important for the user when it comes to safety vs open communications
• how to segment them to target them the best

3. Make it easy to buy!
The user must easily understand what they pay for and how to pay for it.

• The offer must be clear.
• There must be relevant payment methods for the market/s.
• The payment flow must be comprehensive and functional. Catch the failing ones directly in a chat, make it work to pay for them!

4. Ask, flatter, imitate, listen!
Let the already paying users feel as part of the site, let them be seen and appreciated and they'll probably pay again. Communicate! Ask them continuously what they want, what they appreciate, dislike etc. Make minor modifications in price settings, offers and more and communicate the changes to make the users know that they are a valuable customer. Say thanks directly – on Twitter, on Facebook, in internal messages, e-mails, blogs, banners or articles. Create a mutual understanding. Tie them to you personally.

5. Undersell – outperform the expectations
Give more than the offer describes. Send a small extra gift or unexpected bonus a little now and then just because they are customers. The more extra the customers get above the signed package, the more ‘worth it’ it will become to be a paying member.

6. Love your customers!
There can be other interests for a second time buyer, for someone who has tried out the payment status, than for the first time buyer. You must know what that is.

'Do you need a trolley with that or a personal carrier?'

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