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6 maj 2010

Are role models and core family values contradictions?

These fantastic women are setting my mind in chains. It was great to work with the role model concept on Stardoll. Historic women of all times and kinds are presented as characters with own profile pages. It’s the best opportunity ever to inspire young girls to do something great, to take some big risks and steps themselves. So, female role models are about taking risks, bravery?

Many of the most loved women ever are from the 50s. As said before, they are flirty mega women, fitting in everywhere. They don’t seem very risk taking. And they are not fitting in to the role model concept on Stardoll either. So the women we love the most are not role models?

Then what are these women of the 50’s and early 60’s to us today – Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O? They are sensitive, human, daring, advanced, street smart, lovely, gorgeous, sexy, innocent of today’s measures.

There was an article on fashion in a Swedish newspaper some time ago where a male journalist suggested that the Mad Men inspired fashion had to do with women’s desire and longings for a more full body, for less skinny ideals. Camilla Thulin, Swedish lingerie designer, suggests in another magazine, that it has to do with influences from the eco trends of DIY, that we want to be proper looking when sewing, cooking and spending time with our families. There might be some truth in that for coquettes, but fashion trends often go much deeper in psychology than that. I’m not sure that the designers themselves are fully aware of what they are mirroring, but it is almost often the deepest of our inner believes of the society and the future that is visualized through fashion trends. That’s what makes it so tremendously interesting to think about.

And right now we are in to those beloved women from the 50’s. Maybe we are questioning the artificial. Maybe we praise core family values. Maybe women feel that it would be so much easier if they were only requested to be charming, entertaining and flirty to catch a listener and not educated and smart too. Maybe men feel that everything would be so much easier if the women stayed at home running the family. Maybe the value of being a good parent is higher today than some years ago, as also fathers spend more time trying to influence their kids to become something magnificent, and we then want to signal to everyone if we are parents.

Maybe I’m just interpreting all this in loved women and fashion from the 50s’ because I’m a parent, praising my family, disliking artificial collagen non recycling people, having trouble to get the family schedules to run smoothly, feeling that it would be much easier if I just had to smile and look pretty? That last phrase of that is not true so the analysis can still not be right… hmm…

I need to do a new attempt on this later on, really.

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