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18 maj 2010

Beach Body Countdown or Serve me what I want

The sale trigger ‘Others who bought this book also bought these’ has never worked on me. I know this argument is a killer but I’m a rebel, I don’t want to be put in a specific category. There’s a huge contradiction in this as I’m so fully sure of that I am never alone – what I feel and think is felt and thought by millions of others in my category. Still, I don’t want to do what others do only because they do it.

Top lists are to me a not that categorizing way to present a good selection when the range is too big to ever overview. I still only glance at them to rather enter a specific word in the search bar. I want to read what I am interested in, not what others are interested in.

On Amazon there is today only one section that I feel speaks to me – Beach Body Countdown. Now it’s not the current subject that catches me, but the effort to present something that many visitors probably has on their minds at the moment. I’d guess they sell some extra books to those who came for something else but who also had future beach fears. Most of all they serve me. When there is a volcanic eruption, I want to be reminded of how much there is to read about volcanic eruption – history, geology, fairytales, crime stories, novels, science etc etc. I want the full range presented for me to select what I want to know about the most current matters of the day from.

I don’t know what sales figures say about this, but I know I am never alone, and I’m a citizen of the times. I am a woman, a mother of three, 37 years old, Swedish, working in it-industry, a regular online shopper - there are always some many more as me.

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