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3 maj 2010

Hopes for an equal future saved by techonology

When I was eleven my parents got a divorce. Dad brought the sofas with him, why we for the first and last time had to buy new ones. Mom took a loan and brought me and my sister to IKEA so that we together, in our now smaller family spirit, were going to redecorate our living room. This was about 1986 and unfortunately we didn’t realize that it would take more than twenty years before black and neon got hot again.

I was discovering fashion and trends for the first time in my life and was a full feathered cyber tribal rookie – yeah right, by then we didn’t try to be neither cyber or tribal, but superficial, androgynous and technological, at the edge of the new development, of the future. As it was my first fashion dream I didn't know that trends come and go and that tomorrow it is something new that feels in. Maybe mom should have known, but I guess she was building hopes for the future with us.

All through the slick minimalistic 90’s and half through the homey 00’s mom’s fin-de-siecle living room was styled with a black and red carpet, black sofas with diagonal floating neon stripes and a table in smoky glass topped with a mother of pearl lamp hanging far too low crushing your head everytime you rised from the hot sofa.

Five years ago when mom was moving to a smaller apartment it was time for the sofas and the table to go, not a minute to late, but only a year to early. Today they would state a retro sense of longing back to the times when women had hopes and dressed for an equal salary and when the technology was heading to save mankind. Same dreams, let’s hope for better outcome this time.

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