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7 maj 2010

Is anyone ever waking up from denial?

Have you ever seen anyone coming out of denial? I haven’t. Of course you have heard of drug addicts and alcoholics who have realized and accepted their problems. Those problems are so distinct and visible for everyone else (and also to the awakening addicts) that they can continue to highlight them until the denyer finally sees the patterns and feels that he wants to change them.

It’s harder with less obvious habits - patterns of bad choice of boyfriends, or of constantly frustrated people in the near surroundings, or of leaving the near and the dear ones for new adventures. The denyer can always blame love, or temper or the times. Arguments about ones personality and needs are hard to contradict. But it’s kind of silly, or maybe just sad, because this kind of issues often have a much easier and less infected way of solving the problem (there is no problem according to the denier, I know). It’s just to say to the one you hurt (weather it’s yourself or others)

‘I am sorry, I didn’t realize that my actions would result in this problem, how can we make it better now?’

It’s amazing that there are those who because they cannot take responsibility for their actions or because their ego image is too big, are willing to risk friendship, network, knowledge and more. Are they worth putting energy on? Will they ever wake up?

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