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9 maj 2010

Who's got the power?

2008 was all about fairies and tale with references to nature and old myths. This trend was a step in the retro trend, looking back at the jugend birth in the early century and the retro jugend come back in the 70s. The jugend is always a contra reaction to the structured, the wire framed and to rules. 2008 was still the wild times before the economic crisis.

2009 was the year of dreams, a lot closer to reality. The fairytales transformed to our insecure inner thoughts, more like what we would become, mirrors of a tarnished reality, still in a fantasy version. Worries and darkness mixed with hope, creativity and ignorant decadence.

2010 is the year of the future. It is here now, or at least we want it to be here. We are longing for it. We want to know what the future has to offer. We show great trust in science. In the 60s, the space fashion was inspired by people flying to the moon for the first time. There are no such huge steps presented to us right now, but we feel that technology has suddenly become that advanced that we trust that it will do anything for us when we need it

So we dress up for a new space era and also in the movies aliens and future worlds are visualized as never before. Sometimes it goes back to the roots, sometimes it looks at new possibilites.

But there is also still doubt and anxiety. Is it possible to save the earth and the nature around us at all? Isn’t already too late? Even though technology would be able to solve the problems for us, would the humans be coordinated and willing enough to succeed? It is here the super powers get their rightful trend – in fashion and in the movies (alice in wonderland would have been far more popular a year ago, and is quite mal place this spring, seen by kids but not by savvies). We need super heroes, gods and other mega powers to survive. We don't dream anymore. Bring the forces.

It is kind of interesting that it is this specific year that Eyjafjallajökull talks and makes it clear who’s got the power.

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