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5 maj 2010

Women we love could have been me

Sarah Berhardt, Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Agneta Fältskog, Princess Diana, Kylie Minogue.

There are women that everyone love. They are not many, but the bigger icons - two great factors to stay in history for some time. They make difference in our minds and especially in women’s minds. By time most men change focus while women keep these icons as their forever role models. I'm wondering why we love them? They are not always great role models by traditional meaning, it's not as they have done something really remarkable apart from being loved by everyone.

I’m thinking maybe it is those women who men admire and adore, and that who yet stay lovely, or at least someone who women want to be. Or do we just want to be what men want us to be? Partly yes, but not men only. I’d say we aim for fame with the knowledge that it could have been me. We like to see real people make their dreams come true, and the dreams are to be seen, to exist in a crowded ant hill.

I guess that men fall for something sexual, some sort of sexuality that they can and want to relate to. These icon women must answer to a lot of dreams. They must fit in to any preferences. The icon woman can be just as dominant and provocative as subservient and timid.

Women love women that men adore, and who has made some sort of supernatural effort and who always display their great sensitivity, their humaneness. This supernatural effort can seem trivial to a man, but women know how much energy, courage and focus it takes to walk that path.

Men have always loved Kylie Minogue, but it was first when she had to go through breast cancer that all women gave their hearts to her too. Madonna has shown supernatural powers to reach where she wants, but not all men can put her in to their sexual dreams and therefore she is not the same icon as Marilyn Monroe. She is not as adored by the opposite sex. Nor is Madonna disposing her true feelings that show how hard she is working, how much she is offering and how close to any woman she is.

These are the same women that become gay icons. They are the superwomen, only existing in a very few samples, stating sample for everyone who wants to be a true extra maximum over the top woman, and yet they all could have been me.

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