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14 juni 2010

As long as Context stays King, but Dictators...

I want to be where the party is, but I don't want to wear the same dress as everybody else, even though it's the inside that matters.

It took some time. By old habits we started gather up locally. Now the local communitys are dying as everything is getting global. With Internet it's a small globe and the winning communitys don't require any specific language, but let us all get together now. It's fun and great to share thoughts and experience with lots of others. These are great tools for all companies to reach existing and new customers. WE LOVE TO HAVE EVERYONE AROUND US, IT'S THE NEW WORLD AND WE EMBRACE IT!

But I don't want to be forced to buy an iPhone to get access to applications. And I don't want to be forced to open Facebook to play games. I frankly don't care about that I have to use Google to search though, it's too transparent for me, it offers me all I'm asking for.

But Facebook takes more of my time than I want to, when I just want to play games, and it sets the rules for who and how on its own. It's becoming more of an organism to me, I almost forget it's a profitable company, that says something. And the iPhone is not me, I want to have all possibilities to identify myself with any brand and functionalities.

I am never alone. Freedom of choice will be required sooner or later. Looking forward to new ideas, systems and functionalities, generalized codes and sources to let other parties bring their best to the market again.

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