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9 juni 2010

Yours Forever

Two things seem to occupy my mind the most right now - royal weddings and sales processes, and it's because they are pretty much the same. Anti romantic as I am, my focus is on how you start and permanent a relationship. (There might be an end to it too, but that's for later). Here are some advices I've collected.

1. Love your partner – trust and understanding will follow. Your prospect must trust you to commit, and sustaining love is mutual.

2. Be yourself – Let's face it... any man over the age of 50 who really wants a 20-year old probably isn't for you anyway.

3. Dating isn’t romance… have a great plan… the romance will follow. In fairy tales love just instantly happens, but in real life, planning for dating success makes the dream come true.

4. Know what you really want – how can you look for mr perfect if you don’t know who he is? If you don't know what kind of person you want to attract, you will spend a lot of time on disappointing activities or bad dates that waste your time and cause burn-out and frustration.

5. Know your own assets and liabilities - It's important to be clear about what you have to offer someone else to make the relationship have a chance to last for more than a one night stand.

6. Stay truth - no relationship lasts with fakes and lies.

7. Show you’re interested, be persistent – chances are being missed when trying to play cool.

8. Don’t let the relationship become boring. Add something new to your routines every now and then, something you've been talking about for a long time, or a complete surpise.

9. Communicate – long lasting relationships build on great communications. You need both to inform, tell and to listen. Respond to the other's reactions and talks. Ignorance will only grow conflicts.

10. A great model of a long lasting love is to be both friends and passionate lovers. Show each other respect and appreciation.

11. Celebrate your love. Show it to the world. Tell both your love and others how much you love him. Everyone gets empowered by some cred sometimes and will return the same value.

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