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24 juni 2010

Tarot on Facebook

I love this Facebook app. Every card is written as through magic. Every day I'm trying to read them objectively to understand how the phrases are put for me to relate them to my personal situation.

Also I adore that someone made an app for women, without bothering about that it is considered stupid to most men. As most techs are guys I feel there are many girls stuff never being understood and developed.

Obviously through all times, this support of self review and scanning of ones inner life, has been interesting to many women. Those who like tarot reading I guess are interested in knowing and understanding who they are and why they do things. Maybe they also appreciate some higher forces leading their way, guiding them, as to not be fully responsible for their own actions. The sender of this app embrace and accept that either because they believe it themselves, or as they realize there is a business for it. Just wish it was prettier.

My card for today reads right on spot:
Fulfillment. Satisfaction. Completion of a happy cycle and a good ending. Deep connection with family, friends and community. Celebration that goal has been reached. Enjoy this moment for you have worked hard for it. Get-togethers and parties. Let go of your burdens and the time to carry them is finished. You have found the love you have searched for. Retirement.

My projects and connections are back on track, yesterday I got assured I did a great call a few months ago exploading out of my job, I'll spend all day with friends and family, I have worked hard for this moment the last three months - to be able to go for vacations with peace in mind. It's all true - again!!!

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