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12 juli 2010

Being the wrong type might be solved through affirmative action... or not

My ex boss said the other day that he is supporting affirmative action in the since long ongoing Swedish debate on how to see more women in boards and management. I know he is well aware of how important it is to have women involved in the decitions of a very female targeted product... and yet there are no women in the board of his company and never has been.

Me and a couple of other girls really new the product by heart and more important, we knew the target group by having been it. I'd say any of us would have been a good complement to other perspectives when setting future strategies.

I always felt I wasn't very trusted or understood, even though I was aloud to make my voice heard. The same with the rest of the women in the team. I don't say the guys didn't want to, but I suppose we were all the wrong type. None of these women are left now.

I don't blame anyone. I trust women more than men, at least after a deep conversation with them. I feel we have the same way of thinking, the same value base, and that we will work toward the same goals. I get impressed by women who are making their way, I compare them with my skills and let them complete me and the team. I understand them when they bring up their problems and know how to support them.

What I'm saying is that people sitting in boards and other leading positions must get a better sense of what other skills, ways of thinking and aspects will bring to the quality of the product, or else they will never see that they have the right woman for the position. The right woman for them will be the one who acts and thinks like them, who is like a man.

I'm positive that firmative actions might be an option for changes, but there is no guarantee as there are are least two very different results possible

a) well in place the addition of women lets the men see how alternative or diversified skills and thoughts are improving the wanted results

b) well in place the addition of women is seen as unwanted and the skills are being ignored and maybe even just irritating

I'm at least willing to try as nothing is happening at all as it is now.

Also to think of is as Johanna Fredén briefly express Det finns en speciell plats i himmelriket för kvininliga chefer som tycker att andra kvinnor är inkvoterade, There is a special place in heaven for female leaders concidering other women recruited through affirmative action.

Och mer i SvD 14e juli 'kvinnorna som faktiskt är aktuella för styrelseuppdrag är mer positiva till kvotering än kvinnor i allmänhet och män i synnerhet. Argumenten de anger för att ha svängt i frågan är att det går för långsamt.'

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