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4 juli 2010

Quality to Use and Reuse to Reduce

I have clothes in my wardrobe that are 20 years old, things I bought when I was seventeen. Unfortunately sewing has never matched my impatience and I have never been able to remake them to new trendy styles the way I’d love to. I envy those who do.

But my heart has never been able to throw away an untorn, fresh, beautiful garment that I once selected because I loved it. I don’t stop appreciate it because it goes out of style. Most styles return and sooner or later I reuse almost everything. On the second round I’m proud of my old vintage unique style that no one else owns. It’s savvy, original and ecological.

This fall, the fashion is all about classics – portable pieces for all around purposes. Stylish, slick and beautiful for all occations. Previous seasons it’s been about dreams, fairytales and future, and now it’s time for the real life. We need stuff to be able to wear every day. That kind of clean, elegant style requires delicious materials, fabrics that keep shape and polish.


#1 Select carefully – buy only the things you love and pay a little more for better quality. Avoid throwing everything away after the first washes to buy more and more and more.

#2 Keep all the fun, dreamy, futuristic, naturalistic, fairytale things you have in your wardrobe for a few years, to reuse them when they are fun again.

#3 Go for the Mick and Bianca style this fall! Or pick up your cosy homey knit wears. Or even more impressive – knit yourself! DIY and vintage will not be out for some time, even though you don’t see much of it on the catwalks. Environmental thinking has just begun. We must save the Earth before we can leave these ideas behind!

#4 Make a stand. Stay out of the fur. It’s not necessary to kill animals to be cool.

Stella McCartney fall 2010

D&G fall 2010 (best ever!!!)

Celine fall 2010

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