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1 juli 2010

You shouldn't read any boring blog Mom

I explained blogging to my mom (70+) today. She didn’t understand why she had to read those fashion blogs – those who share what stores has been visited today and what dresses were bought. I had to answer to her wonders and fears.

1. No one forces you to follow any blog in the world. You shouldn’t read any blog you’re not interested in.

2. The blogs are the filters we need in a far too diversified and buzzing world for our minds. The bloggers are the experts, those who have the interest and the time to spend in a vast and not tangible area. They guide us. You choose who to trust, who is trustworthy to show you the road.

3. It might be difficult to choose who to listen to – friends, colleagues, traditional media brands and the mass, sounds like channels you use to trust?

4. The attitude toward what is private and not, is changing with the blogging and social media use of young people, as they grow up. Our fear of what our personal history on the Internet will mean to our future has no reality to lean on as everyone will have such history in not too long. This matter will be regulated but we have no clue of how.

5. Even if you didn’t start following a blog to open up a conversation or to reveal yourself, don’t count on that you will not soon leave a comment. You are automatically triggered to think when reading something you have own thoughts on. Soon you will also want to become a rock star as everyone else.

6. Start a blog yourself and get an expert on the future. An own blog triggers you to learn everything about SEO, social media marketing, communication, usability, being a public thinking person and more – the future. Now you will understand that rock star comment for sure.

The last problem she had I have no solution to though. The Internet steels so much time from you, the hours pass so quickly when sitting at the computer, and you got nothing produced.

Surfing can be pure fun for hours is her complaint I guess.

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