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3 juli 2010

You're so twothousand and late, I'm so twothousand and eight

How can Black Eyed Peas survive with that super dorky look? I understand the music, but there is nothing honest or beliebale with that style... And what do we think about our children LOVING them?

I saw Black Eyed Peas on Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks ago, and I really couldn't tell if it was someone imitating them trying to be fun or if it was the original. How can a pop band (kids band? funk band?) have such a dorky look and expression and sell over 35 million albums worldwide, 40 million singles, and 76 million copies with both sales?

The entire family think it's fun when Zack, 2 years old, sing along in english - bom bom bom and it's gonna be a good good night - nodding his head to the beat, but I'm not sure if it is fun for real?

Maybe it's good - that the looks have lower priority than the music? Maybe it's scary - that kids think this parody of coolness is cool as they easily can chew and follow the lyrics and beat? Maybe it's great that kids and parents can join in a happy music they both can stand listening to? Maybe it's awful that kids so early are inspired by this strange looking fake cool, fake sexy and archetype characters?

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