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14 sep. 2010

The future is expected to be cold

So I guess I fell for the 'back to the roots' hand knitted trend with 'hopes for a natural and surviving future', today when I bought this whool coat from Indiska. According to fashion industry this future is expected to get cold...

There are some russian inspirations in it, I guess this quite commersial strategic style goes well with us Swedes too. Both Brasilian flag colors and Russian traditional inspirations have been seen on the catwalk for a couple of years now, and I'd say it has nothing to do with our general fashion-forward sense, but with finansially strong markets.

It's interesting to see how near the Poiret 1910's look all these styles are, and yet they kind of reflect the opposite from then. 100 years ago the Parisians got in close touch with both russians and other oriental styles for the first time in fashion history, big parts of the world was still unexplored. Today the entire world is one and the same market. We are all part of the same global tribe.

My absolute fave from D&G




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