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30 sep. 2010

I won't do what I tell you

Yesterday I was running a session at Berghs School of Communication together with an old friend. The mission was to describe the job of a planner. Christian is sometimes a theoretical guy, and I was there to present some hands-on examples. I told him how great it was for me to concretize what I have learned from several years of fighting. Nowadays I have the tools, the models, the strategies and the experiences to lean on and by that I will not have to fight so much the next time.

Christian told the students so many truths. I was surprised by how much he knew about my world. He dissed the to me unbelievable idea of that the project leaders should be the ones to set the concept of and specify functionalities, games, payment pages etc. I understand that they want to - everyone loves to be creative and strategic. It's just amazing that an economist or specific specialist most often are concidered the most creative, conceptual and strategic sources. Even the usability design is often on the project leaders table. No wonder the delivered product is not the best then.

Christian confirmed that the job of a planner is not for the timid, shy in a conflict type. You have the analysis and must stand up for the user against thousands of groundless ideas. It's easy to believe something based on your own experiences, preferences and feelings, and much harder to accept that 1000 samples of the target group says something else.

I added some samples of how you can present the information you have to make it more trustable. This I've learned. No one listen to what I say if I only say it. I need models, figures, staples, curves, charts and graphics. Even if I have the knowledge from before, I must collect new information to make it trust worthy. It takes much time to produce, but it takes more energy to fight.

My memory is short. Today I had already forgotten what I said yesterday. I tried to convince someone without models, statistics and graphics. Impossible.

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