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10 okt. 2010

10 sure ways to turn any employee into shit

Easy! It’s only to

1. not letting your employees know what is expected of them. The chance is good that they will not deliver anything if nothing is expected or that they will end up nowhere if there are no goals or missions to target :-)

2. not presenting a clear organization. It will be impossible to know who to go to, ask or report to. Conflicts are soon to follow :-)

3. Set all processes yourself, even though you’re not involved in them. It is extremely frustrating to work by inefficient order while seeing clearly more optimal ways :-)

4. Use ‘Everyone is exchangable’ as a mantra to let everyone know that they are worth nothing to the company. The employees will soon understand that there is no point to over perform :-)

5. not replace empty positions at all. Just handle over the practical tasks on someone else in the company. Everyone will then see that no one is worth nothing and the ones who are left are overloaded with work, will work 60 hours+ per week and will soon be zombies :-)

6. Forbid everyone to talk about experienced problems and ignore anyone trying to bring them up. There is no chance they can be solved if you don’t talk about them, they will only grow bigger :-)

7. Not letting the employees understand the total of the project/product/company. This will result in a monotony and passive job where no creativity will grow :-)

8. Not acknowledging anyone for their job. Again it will be pointless to deliver anything, and no one will feel worth anything :-)

9. Acknowledge very young newbies as expected stars. It will be clear to everyone else that they have not delivered what they didn’t know was expected :-)

10. Have no respect for the employees’ competences or skills. Make all decision on your own. The employees will soon doubt themselves, turn weak and frustrated. This is maybe the most efficient way to bring the worst out of everyone as all points above become evident and clear in only one act :-)

Performed at own risk. The opposite may result in an engaged, creative and happy staff.

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