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1 okt. 2010

A magic business model of happiness and quality or PowerPoint is the enemy of awesome

So yesterday I wrote that I've somewhat learned to make models, present stats and the rest of the to me foreign language of PowerPoint, and how important it is to make yourself heard, else there will be a lot of fighting. Today I'd want to bring it back, and yet I can't.

Ben Malbon at BBH ended his job today with a great article about the things he has learned at his office the past 5 years. I feel that I have been learning many similar lessons, but in completely different ways. We've been walking in opposite directions and I'd say he is the winner.

Apart from the things I have realized such as that 'only people matter', 'none of us is as good as all of us' and 'ask forgiveness, not permission' it seems as he also learned a lesson that I didn't learn until when I was not working anymore - 'Build & love your network'.

He confirms my friend Christians insight that 'We can't be friends all the time', but most interesting of all he claims that 'PowerPint is the enemy of awesome'.

There’s an inverse relationship between the quantity of PowerPoint produced by a team and both the quality of work produced by that team, and their level of happiness.

All this seems seems to be a knowledge of the entire BBH. It's their business model for being a successful planner!

If you follow their entire model above you don't need to convince anyone with the support of PowerPoints and models and stats. The culture and processes will let you work fast forward, revise, improve, innovate, try out, revise, improve.

I will yet need lots of lessons to understand how to get this working towards external clients, and in companies with completely different cultures. The BBH model seems rare.

Try Prezi if you are lousy at PowerPoint

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