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11 okt. 2010

We moms love ourselves, we just need some more time!

I and a few other diverse Stockholm moms run a discussion today. This is some of what I learned about us:

Time is an extremely valuable and rare commodity to us. The time issue runs our entire lives, habits and dreams. Time is luxury. Time makes us shop online. Rewards including time of our own, with our friends or to save, is what we value the highest. Time makes us not participate in contests - unless it's done through a click. We never just zap when watching TV, we only see the shows we want to follow, mostly feel good entertainment, where people get happy or sad, where people amaze us more than upset us. Let's dream about some joyful success!

Tidyness is the top of glamour. What looks the most unattainable and attractive in magazines are tidy looks and a tidy home. To dress up, go to the gym, fix your nails, get away from toys and piles of clothes, to be grown up amongst other grown ups is what we dream of. Most interesting to us is forums to network, to find new people with the same interests. Job, house and family takes so much time that networking becomes a luxury. (img: tidy and not child friendly home for sale in LA)

Black and grey are colors for the young and unsecures, while bright colors are for mature and self-confident women. Glamour itself is associated with mature women and not with young.

We moms love ourselves, we only need some more time!

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