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28 dec. 2010

I dress up for my girl friends

I’ve always dressed up a little when going to a girls’ dinner. I put some mascara on, fix my nails and hair and put on something more fun than jeans and a t-shirt. Obviously I’m not dressing up to catch men’s eyes at those times. So what is the reason? When I was younger I might have wanted to show them what a happy and great looking person and strong competitor I was. Or maybe I wanted to show off the cool bargains that only I could pick with my personal and self for sure stylish attitude. I’m not really sure anymore, but I know that the wanted result was the friends to say ‘Wow, you look great’ with some sort of admiration. Those are old days, but a still existing reason is that these female coded activities are great icebreakers that also often make it easy to bond girls in between, but that goes for all kind of parties.

Nowadays I know I dress up because my friend the hostess will appreciate it, maybe more than anyone else. This is also what I tell my little girls when they are supposed to dress up for a party or an event – you show the hostess that you appreciate the invitation and that you want to contribute to make it just a little more festive than an ordinary evening. By dressing up you make it a party! And the best of parties today are the girls’ dinners full of exchange of experiences, thoughts, tears and happiness.

Thank you Malin Wärnfeldt for yesterday!

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  1. Tack själv! Du gör det till en fest på många sätt förutom att alltid vara strålande snygg!(och extra grymt att matcha klänning och nagellack ;) )