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11 dec. 2010

No activity = no result

What if you could put lot of energy into your work, just make it happen and have a lot of fun. You just let everyone bring what they are the best at and let go of the details that you don't have the answer to.

But in each team there is always one or more who put a lot of prestige in it. They want it their way or the highway. Very often the same people are unsecure which results in nothing being done at all - out of fear. Fear to do it wrong, fear to do anything at all.

No activity = no result at all.

If you have a result you can always improve, modify, update, correct.

If you don't have any activity no one will know that you exist, no one can find you, you're competitors will release before you, you will have no sure idea of what your customers will like and not.

Make it happen - let go, have fun, trust your team fellows! Or this highway only look as a wonderful option to them.

On a dark desert highway...

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