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17 dec. 2010

Personal branding for your company

I am 100% indifferent to sports news. I like training, jogging, dancing, swimming and going to the gym, but not reading about sport results. Today the strenght of branding through Twitter showed it's face.

I stated that it's impossible for me to do the job I'm absolutely the best at and combine it with my 3 kids. The time is not enough. I will have to do a job that requires less hours, that I'm not as good at. It was just an insight I got earlier today when reading a job appliance that would have matched me if I did not have to spend several wonderful hours per day with my lovely kids.

A mom and a dad gave me some pep talk. The guy works at one of Sweden's biggest news papers - on the sports news. He sais he recognizes himself in my thoughts and adds that he and other fathers love their kids as diamonds, worship them as emeralds and that the love from their kids is the most wonderful elixir in life.

From today on I like the sport news in this magazine (Expressen). I will always look our for what this guy writes.

Social media is a strong branding tool if you dare to get personal, loving and not talk about the mission of the company.

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