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13 dec. 2010

Personal goals and games for saving energy

On Good you find this infograph - What Is the Easiest Way to Power a Lightbulb - displaying how much fuel it takes to power a lightbuld for a year. This is the kind of visualization I feel I would need to see more energy generators in - recycling, reusing, non consuming, walking, etc. And then I'd like to be able to drag a lever up and down to see how much it saves if I don't keep it on for a year for example, or if I choose to walk half of the times I go to the mall.

Then I could kind of use it to put up personal goals and follow them easier, be stricter with myself to fulfill the goals. It could become a game, where I earn points and get rewarded at different levels. We know how to play games, and need help to prioritize when to save energy.

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