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22 jan. 2011

I'm one of them - as in women - and I'm good at it

It has happened to me several times. A guy is building up a team that for some reason only consists of men. He feels that there should be a woman in the team, I guess for the pure look of it, because they always end up letting me know that they don't bring me in because I should talk specifically about women or be particularly female... Maybe they want to assure me that I'm in the team due to my skills and profession and not because I'm a woman BUT it seems as they expect me to have exactly the same point of view, background and frameset as the rest of the guys.

Guess what? I'm full of female experience in everything I do. Everytime I spend time with a larger group of girl friends I notice how extemely different the ambiance, topic of discussions and manner of speaking is compared to more male dominant gatherings. Girls as a category includes half of the population, so why shouldn't I reflect this target group in any job I do? I'm one of them. I will be better than any of the guys to bring in the female perspective.

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