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2 jan. 2011

A New Year

I've never made a promise for the future before. I'm very much into living in the now. I'm never looking forward to anything. I never set goals. I'm just a doer, doing what is required to make it the best ever - always. This is my way to always do what I enjoy and enjoy it.

Now I actually have made a promise! The reason I'm doing it is because I've become so satisfied and comfortable in not doing too much, but spending my time with myself, my friends and my family, that I need to kick myself in the butt for the first time ever!

I've actually two promises - one daring and one not at all daring but satisfying. They are not very ambitious, but I feel I need to start where I am in my life.

The easy one is to arrange the basement to a cosy and practical hobby area. All the gaming equipments (consols, screens, games etc), Lily's LEGO universe, my sewing stuff including lots of textiles and other materials should be easy to use in a nice ambiance (read IKEA here I come). I hope this will calm my soul.

The scary and daring one is to do a real effort to finish a life long dream - to write and illustrate a children's book. Now I've said it out loud, so now I must try a little harder. The last time I said it I was 17 and I said I will do it when I have time... when I'm older. I guess that's now. The promise itself does absolutely not calm my soul, but I'm a coward if I'm not challenging myself.

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