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6 feb. 2011

A night of dreams at Nobis hotel

Last Saturday me and my boyfriend celebrated our 15th year together. We also have three kids 9, 7 and 2,5 years old. Before the last one we used to go away for a weekend on our own every now and then, but nowadays there is only space for one night, and this always makes dull January glimmer a little.

It's my absolute favourite time spend to have dinner with my best friend in life, drink lots of drinks, stay up late and sleep for as long as I want, have breakfast in calmness and read for a couple of hours more. New Nobis hotel in Stockholm worked great for this purpose. Restaurant Caina in the basement served champagne for free while waiting for the wine to get cold, the drink list in the bar is full of creative drinknames such as Don Draper's darling and I could dream one long complete dream, not waking up by nothing all night. Already looking forward to next year.

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