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10 mars 2011

Climate Conscious Tourist

I can choose not to care about that we are sitting in a parfume stinking ocean of german senior citizens or I can choose to think that it's just terrible. At first it is most disturbing but by time it turns out to be as good as it gets on the Canaries. This hold of ours is the only place with an empty pool, early dinners and german food - all highly suitable for a Swedish family with kids of all ages. Over at the Ving hotel everyone gets sick by the Swedish kids influensa infected pool water. The only thing I bring with me from this place is a feeling of guilt and expectations. I'm waiting for

1. faster and environment friendly transportations - I've always had the beamer as my favourit dream device and it starts to get urgent now or I will have to stay all dark cold months in Sweden, getting more and more grumpy for every year

2. stronger immune defense... or less infections - the only way is to move out back country I guess, we've got some of that in Sweden, but this will not make me happy... real good food might be an option but this demands long transporations as nothing grows in Sweden most part of the year, so back to 1 then.

3. the layer of ozon to recover - to avoid burned skin and cancer or rather to be able to enjoy the sun at all when going on vacations in the middle of a non sunny winter

4. zoos with no monkeys, tigers or penguins - I'd really not want to be caged if I were them and the kids enjoy the roller coaster far more on the visit - who are we to lock these animals in??

5. less suger and fat to the people - when seeing that much people undressed at the same time it really doesn't look healthy, what are we doing to ourselves?

Or I just stay home in Sweden, take a deep breath of fresh air, close my eyes, embrase the cold months... but all this I can't choose not to care about anyway.

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