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20 mars 2011

Oppressed innocence and performance anxiety

There is always an aspect of sexuality in fashion. The first ten years of this century it was mostly about sporting as much naked skin as possible. Inspired by Big Brother and R&B divas the fashion was trickled up to give rich people a sense of youth and the same easy affirmation.

Now - as always - it's time for the contrary. As much as I trouble the consequences of imposed vulgarity, these oppressed innocent girls from this year's catwalks make me just as nervous. I don't trust them. They don't look happy. They are all Betty delineated and I expect them to stag me in my back anytime. I say they dress like this because they are supposed to, because they have high expectations on themselves to be good girls.

Hmm... maybe this is the actual purpose of this year's version... borderline housewives... dangerous women just a second from exploding...





Moschino Cheap and Chic


Versace presents the Betty I like
Dare to be in focus
Jag aktar mig för jätteglada nykterister

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