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27 mars 2011

Working mother of three daily angst

Every day for 10 years I’ve felt limited. Three children and a working round the clock husband make me limited when

- the team at the office sets after work activities as highly prioritized to reach a great spirit and common goals.
- some daily yoga and/or a jog is the only way to get some energy.
- I’m longing for crafting – knitting, crocheting, painting, sewing.
- my messy home and garden gives me the rashes.
- there are meetings all day and I’m home with sick kids 3 weeks out of 4.
- it’s Sunday brunch time and it would be wonderful but not with a 3 year old.
- the dinner preferably should be made out of raw food.
- It would be wonderful to host a party for all old friends.
- It would be wonderful to host a party for all new friends.

But most of all it’s not the kids that limit my dreams of life - it’s working that does. I’d love my kids to grow up with some of the experiences I had as a kid. Most of all I’d love them to spend the ten weeks of summer holidays at the country house, and I’ve failed completely. We work. The kids spend most of their holidays at the daycare in school.

So I’ve tried to limit the level of responsibility at my job position, I’ve stopped my career for some time, until the kids grow older. So far this has only resulted in even less benefits - less weeks of vacations, less flexibility in time, more angst by not being able to participate either at work as much as required, nor with the kids as much as I’d like. I don’t know how to get any step closer to satisfaction.

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  1. I also would like to have time for yoga and my own projects but then when I am sitting helping one of my kids with the homework I really enjoy that time. When I am driving here and there to their training and games I do not mind it at all. I love to here people I meet saying 'Ah, so N is your daughter she is so...'. When someone of them has misbehaved in school I sigh but am there to sort out what has happened.

    I am not sure we ever will be satisfied with the combination of work and family. I have not limited the level of responsibility but I also feel that I in some way do not take as much responsibility as I want... Life is tricky. But I do know that life would be a lot duller without all of those kids.