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2 maj 2011

Esport the Golf of our times

Esport is a phenomena gaining space. It's entering the consciousness of those not involved, us normal mortals. Esport is a world of hierarchies, detail knowledge and of long time practicing. In any tech office there is a group of people staying late playing. Everyone is welcome - you can play even as a newbie - but you need lots of spare time and some pre-skills. You also need to dare to play. Esport is the GOLF of our times.

Svtplay sends a series on the subject Esports right now. This content matches the public service commission perfeclty - it's entertaining, mass-educating and yet not covered in media in proportion to it's grandeur.

Everytime I talk about esports I'm wondering when games as Stardoll will be standardized, recognized and organized in the same way. I'm thinking that maybe it's the fact that girls don't cry out their engagement in a community and activities as loud that again puts them in the dark?

Also check out Stockholm Winter Games 2012 if you're curious.

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