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15 maj 2011

What was the secret of Azerbaijan's success?

As always it was interesting yesteday to see the European votes in the Eurovision Song Contest. The commentators kept saying that the spread results were due to the qualitative starting field, but I would say the opposite.

This year everything sounded the same for the first time every. The fun of ESC use to be the diversity. There always use to be different cultural sounds from all different corners of Europe, but this year Greece was only one contribution left with etnic references. Everything else was very well performed mediocre pop, and I'd say that was what the spread full points indicated. Nothing stood out. Instead everyone friendly put their votes for their neighbours.

This year it was clearly not the best vocals that gained the most votes in the end. Azerbaijans Nikki was probably the weakest singer of all contributions, and there were some really great ones. I have absolutely no idea of why Azerbaijan gained the most sympathy above the rest? Most trustworthy romance?

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