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11 juni 2011

Sticking out is more fun than standard

I've been having the thought before and today I read about in Swedish Elle. It's about the most fashion savvy girls who look crazy to many of us, but who are most confident that they are the very early adopters of the new styles and that in time for the next season everyone will know just how savvy they are.

These girls don't dress up for men. Men think they dress ugly, strange and weird. In general girls should preferably dress sexy, pretty, girly, ordinary - comprehensively. They should dress up for men and not for some else reason.

The fashion savvy girls don't care for that, they care for codes of knowledge that only other fashion people know of. In many cases it's an act of self confidence, fun, expertize and anti-standard. There are of course those who become slaves to this community too, but not original and sticking out is more fun than not standard and easier to get out of than the habit of always pleasing men.

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