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12 juni 2011

Time and genetics top fake and surgery

Seems as a desirable look right now is a strong body, clean and clear skin on a mind of a 40 year old woman - without any interferences - preferably even unvarnished. A response to botoxed bizarr looking faces?

It's a heavy pressure on any midlife woman to look fresh as a twenty year old, and for some time expensive injections and surgery have been ways to cheat. Spontanously it feels better if the untouched healthy lifestyle look is the new sign of megaluxury. And yet many people can save some money, but few can buy the time it takes to run a healthy life and even less can change their genetics. Hmm... let's hope this is the first step backwards and that by time we'll be back to age being a sign of pondus and knowledge. Natural signs, not faked that would be..

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