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14 juli 2011

I'm your heavy user - use me please!

It’s more fun watching TV together with someone than on your own. At least if you’re paying attention to what’s on it and not just zap around or passively eating anything there is just to make the time pass. Or rather… if you don’t have company you end up zapping. With company you look at something or you turn the tv off. You like to comment what you experience, what’s fun, silly, strange, bewildering, right, wrong, good or bad. Maybe your company just agrees with an indifferent ‘hmm’, and that’s fine enough, but better is when you get an engaged agreement or disagreement so that you not only get response but actually share the moment and experience.
It’s also a wonderful feeling when I’m alone at home, laid back in my sofa watching Grey’s Anatomy or So you think you can dance. When family is at home, they normally compete for my attention as no one else enjoy my two favorite shows, whereas alone at home those hours are luxury time. It’s not fun anyway to try to share my feelings from these shows with my three-years-old. It’s fun to share them with just as engaged watchers though. And I do – on Twitter.

It’s not only me. I often get reminded of what is on TV - at the moment, soon or yesterday - as people tend to discuss it widely on Twitter. Everyone except from the tv-channels themselves. What’s the strategy? Are they confident that people will tweet and feed facebook with their content or don’t they feel confidence in their content, that people will want it?

I’d want the tv-schedules feed to get reminded or informed. I’d like to get a notification when my favorite show starts. I’d like to see facebook-friends who also fancy the show, and who is watching it with me right now. I’d like to get links to extra info or clip in my feeds with the latest gossip on t actors or participants, the designer of the dresses in the show or even better be able to bid for those dresses. All of my online TV-activity would be great if it would be visualized to my friends by an active choice so that the conversation and the community grow. I’d like to be able to invite unredeemed friends to watch a sample of the best rated episode and all of this I’d like to be gathered in a themed page with all links, discussions, tweets, youtube clips, friends, non friends and more. If the push media with its content will not use the open, free, active and well visited channels to serve and engage their voyeurs, external parts as for example sidereel probably will maybe find the right formula and else someone else will maybe be more engaging. Someone who sees me and my tweeting friends and who figure out how to use us in a mutually appreciated manner.

Update: Today (july 15) I found the post The next five social trends and their impact on marketing by Edward Boches that kind of support my feelings.

Remember when we talked about social media and mainstream media as two different things? Not anymore. Today, social media is the mainstream media.

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