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3 juli 2011

Quitting when the times are right

Several quitters at the same time always show disproportions and illness of an organisation, no matter what the individual reasons are. They have always made a choice and it was always a hard decition - a decition that always could have been different if their job situation was enjoyable or developing.

People don't like changes to the unknown. Most people prefer to stay were they are rather than going to something new. In Sweden it's by law almost impossible to dismiss employees and it happens that companies complain about the fact that people stay too long, as they don't seem productive, innovative or contributive anymore.

What an ignorant approach to your employees - to those who have lend you their time of life for you to achieve your goals! Their indifference will only appear if you have failed to give them a personal purpose of their job and efforts.

Noone will put all their love into a task if the only goal is for example for investors to raise the value of the company to reach an exit. Everyone need a higher goal for everyone to believe in, and work towards - 'A free space for all girls to try out their identities', 'Connect people through gaming', 'Offer independent media to everyone'.

It should most often be profitable to turn those employees you have, with all their history of the company, their experiences and skills, to an enthusiastic contributor instead of looking for someone new with all the costs included. The employee on the other hand, has just as often more to win on changing jobs as few companies will succeed on this challenge.

(image from MarleneofSweden)

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