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14 aug. 2011

A bookworm from the country in Dior

The Lady Dior campaign presents any woman who don't want to stick out too much. Women who want to dress safe for work and a day light life. Also the ready-to-wear collection targets every girl, but with focus on girls and not women. It's a young everyday version of the Gucci 70s stardust. These are clothes for everyone which also fade down the feeling of must-have.

There are also outfits matching the Ralph Lauren Shanghai 20s styles though much more relaxed and free. The Dior women this fall are a little pale and tired, hiding from the sun and outdoor life, but yet clever, cute, ambitious and focused. They carry books in their bags. They completely turn their heads on the classic Dior perfect wife. They are rather the mistress.

The Dior Collection goes even younger. We see the pretty girl too shy to join the company. She stands in the corner or beside the bar, not even eager to approach any company, just feeling awkward, but still holding her head high. It's a good girl just before she's swallowed by the big city.

In the rtw there is also a spooky theme with nightgown looking dresses and warming knit hug-me-tights. It makes the collection more fun to watch but it's a look hard to wear - when do you want it? Not at the party, not at the office - it's a Halloween only.

The 20s Shanghai girl with a life

A Halloween Ghost

Dior Collection, the good girl right before she's being swallowed by the big city

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