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26 aug. 2011

Good stories and statistics of being disruptive at the Conference

Since the era of Twitter started there are two conference formats growing stronger. One is when the speaker has to make long pauses for everyone to get the time to tweet the last point said. The speaker then has to accept that everyone keep their heads turned down, hardly ever looking up or giving any response. The more he/she gets later on when checking the mentions on Twitter, and that is truly just as satisfying if not even more as you get flattered in front of thousands of more people than those in the room. The best way to get that kind of response is to fill the talk up with slides full of statistics and one-liners.

The other format is pure storytelling - when you after a short time realize that there is nothing to tweet, it’s just an amazing story and someone who is sharing life with you. You get a scrap from someone else’s mind, memory and life and you don’t know what to do with it. It’s just a great story. That was what keynote speaker Bill Drummond did at the Conference. He gave us a piece of his mind and by that he made us want to be a part of his choir, singing only two tones – all together, higher, lower, shorter and longer. I can’t retell it, it’s his story, but it was great fun to be his choir 17 for a few minutes.

Molly Ränge summerize the Conference in Malmö here. She feels that the line of argument through the Conference was Storytelling, while I interpreted the continous theme as disruptive. It was all about where and when to expect new thinking to appear and where it has appeared in history. Some presented through statistics and check lists, other by amazing stories.

All presentations from the Conference

Lovely notes from the Conference by GoodOld

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