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11 aug. 2011

Ralph Lauren for you who long for something else

The Ralph Lauren fall Collection made me think 'Flirting with the asian market'. A good way to sell expensive stuff is to adjust the style to rich russians and asians. Then I got a little interested in this 20s Shanghai inspiration and had to get the history for it. There is a mysterious smokey ganster feeling of these westerninspired and yet asian styles. What did the americans do there? I learn on Wikipedia that

"The British establish a concession by forced treaty with the Qing Dynasty after China loses the first Opium War. Concessions were governed by the occupying country and were untouchable by Chinese law. The British, along with the Americans and French, were allowed to live in certain territorial zones without being under the Chinese laws. As a result of all the foreigners, Shanghai became greatly influenced by Western culture."

"During this period, Shanghai was known as "The Paris of the East, the New York of the West". Shanghai was made a special city in 1927, and a municipality in May 1930. The city's industrial and financial power increased, because the merchants were in control of the city, while the rest of China was divided among warlords."

And with them followed their bored wives I guess. Or not, but a bored mistress. I connect the look with someone cold as ice and completely indifferent. Someone who is bought for money and who just long to something else. I guess the times were cool for adventurous men and not as cool for their families.

Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express 1931.

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