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15 okt. 2011

Cool by person, not by style

So I'm trying to figure out who I want to be right now by looking at the fashion brand ads for this fall. I have set that I'm not a challenging retro futuristic Prada girl - I have too much on my mind to cope with provocated discussions. I'm too old and sophisticated to be a young bookworm in Dior. I don't want to be bored in Ralph Lauren and there is no room right now for a creative Gucci life.

Sonia Rykiel presents a colorful woman at a café, she's not really having fun. She's a grown up, not excited, but yet interested in people around her. She could probably be me. I don't really like her dress but looking on the rest of the collection I see myself in many places. It's soft and female yet not sexy or provocative. This could be me those very rare days when I have an hour with no children meeting up with a friend and enjoy everything I never have the time to enjoy otherwise.

Then there is a very androgynous girl staring at me from the darkness. She wears a Paul Smith coat, a white shirt and a cardigan. This is me. These clothes works for me every day and reflects who I feel I need to be - no matter wether I like it or not. I need to be tough and strong and talk the same language as men around me to get my voice heard, I need to act as a man. The rest of this collection suits me perfectly - it's not really as masculine as the ad, but rather practical, neutral and genderless.

I find a woman in between the social Sonia Rykiel and the demanding Paul Smith types. It's the Joseph jersey and whool cozy woman covering up for the freezing cold winter. Soft, androgyne, practical and not challenging or daring. 

I try to get an image of a celebrity of any kind that would reflect this style and Sigourney Weaver pops up - a woman that never have needed to dress in any style to become cool, a woman who is cool just by herself, in anything.
Sonia Rykiel
Paul Smith


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