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23 juli 2010

Let's Create! Pottery app

I'd say Polish Infinity Dreams had a female gamer in their mind when developing this great iPad app.

It's great looking, full of extra graphic elements that make me happy. It's not just to create your potter, but also to see polaroids of them, to sell them and to buy new beautyful patterns to decorate them further. It's the full dream, not only a small part of it made because someone discovered the technical possibility.

Introduction and pushing me further in the game play is made through a fake e-mail conversation with the game that encourages me to take step after step, just the way I'd like to be involved in any social community with too many details to learn at first visit. I learn it at the time I'm ready.

Also it's not crucial that my copy gets identical with the suggested original. I don't have to start over, and I don't loose anything. It's fun just to create, and I get rewarded with money to buy new patterns for if I can make it identical. This is probably one of the issues that is the most female friendly feature.

More about girls' games later...

Full summary from
Let's Create! Potter in iTunes store

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