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26 mars 2011

The games from the basement are still great

I hate that we've got the basement full of cardboard containers packed with games and consoles, games from the early 80's until today. I'd love my partner to sort them all and arrange them so that the family can play them, learn some history and have fun. Instead they are only bulky.

Today something hit him and he rememberd the old PS2 including at least 200 games, when we arrived at our summerhouse. We started with fantastic Ulala in Space Channel 5. This was one of the first games that supported my ideas on what kind of games many girls like. It's that short that it is not stealing too much undeserved time. The idea to collect more hip friends saving the world is a fun story and a great alternative to visualize progression without points, levels and badges. Graphically it's colorful and it clearly embrases a pink party attitude. I had forgotten completely. I'm happy to be reminded.

Now time for Soul Calibur (my girls are still happy about the mega cool female characters though I think they could be a little more well dressed, and our boy fances Voldo for some reason...'I'm really good' he shouts out...)

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