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20 sep. 2011

Everyone's reflections from 3 days in Dubai

Here are the summarizing reflections from most of the She-entrepreneurs after three days in Dubai.

Samantha - Started off one to one, now I’m one to thirty.

Caroline - I have personal connections to everyone and understand the context where everyone comes from.

Camilla - A relaxing experience where we know eachother.

Raya - I extended my network. Action point is to start using the social media tools as much as I can.

Hoda – I have become optimistic, I had lost all my hopes.

Abeer - Friendship.

Malin – Constant learning and friendship. Next step is to go to Damaskus.

Eliza – new interest for the middle east, and next step will be to learn more.

Sofia – will take care of this network.

Antonia – greatful for your stories.

Karin – we are a good family – you challenge your familly, you cry together, you fight and laugh. I’ve decided to do something else in life when I come home.

Pernilla – want to use what I can do and am good at to help you do what you are good at - revolutions.

Noha – I will miss you all. The network is very important so I think you will all be a big puzzle that will help you all.

Norhan – I think this network is really working for change. I have been asking questions and got help. I have learned something about each one of our mentors here. Now I have energy and I will lead my own project and runt my own baby.

Ida – glad we are so united. I have heard such great stories and is happy to bring them home.

Sara – sisterhood. The beauty of contrast.

Solidad – beauty of trust, honesty and acceptance.

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