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28 okt. 2011

An interactive video on sign language

I got the mission to make a game for sign language but realized that if there is something that deaf people have loads of on the Internet it is games. The language must be visualized through video as both hands and face are required. So I modified the mission to interactive video production and looked for inspiration. First I found MegaVega who have produced lots of videos with tunes that children like translated by sing language dance moves. I'd love to see them as background dancers in some music children's show.

I liked them, but needed to show them to some deaf eight year olds to know if they would appreciate it. They sure did, but they also showed me what more they like on YouTube. Vanessa Hudges! But they can't here? No, but many music videos are build by short often romantic stories whith no long incomprehensive dialogues. They are very visual, emotional and tell their own short story.

I've further been looking at the Magnum Pleasurehunt game, and a handfull of interactive stories where the classic man from La Linea is my favourite - short sessesions and very simple choices and stories.

I will also further explore the possibilities with web cam games and timing games as Guitarr Hero to see if I can offer a set of signs to use for different purposes - to put a song together in the right order on the right time or to collect items through knowing specific signs. There is not much done so the field is open, but it is also difficult as I don't know the language and the Swedish target group/sign language source is very small. To be continued...

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