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29 juli 2010

I feel Swedish when I...

1. Love the Josef Frank wallpapers from Svenskt Tenn

2. Jump around the maypole as a frog.

3. Use the sunny hours to oil the deal decks.

4. Start a dinner outside, bringing all the porcelain in when in starts to rain.

5. Make chocolate balls and play Ludo to the rhythm of the rain in the summerhouse.

6. Sweat in the sauna – anytime.

7. Bathe naked from the rocks, all alone in the ocean.

8. Get hopeful for mushrooms and blueberries in the woods when it rains.

9. My husband is on paternal leave, not only in the summer months.

10. Get afraid that the summer is already over… in July

Overall, it has mostly to do with weather... summer weather.

Update: I had knackebrod for dinner and realized that it can't be forgotten. How much can you love water and flour made to burned cakes, hung on poles in the roof?

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